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'I trust this man!'

‘I trust this man!’


Welcome… To my personal page.

This is where you will all get to know me… My lines of thought follow..

Every society has its own ‘ways’ of seeing things, its own way to see rights and wrongs and its own judgment on people’s behavior lying outside the circle of their acceptance.

Freedom of thoughts come before freedom of speech, and even before the abstract meaning of freedom itself. No matter how free you can physically be, as long as your thoughts are not yours then forget it… you are just a slave of the thoughts of others. So are we free in our thoughts? I believe not. Even the most advanced countries are still bound by the way they react to matters not within the confinement of their comfort zone reflecting the way they were raised.

How much free can one be? Well, because thoughts are not materialistic issues, a person can be almost ‘infinitely’ free. Why almost? Because a person can still have his own personal limitations. If these limitations are due only to his own reasoning and his choice, these limitations become part of his freedom.

A person’s worst enemy remains his own childhood. This is where he gets ‘programmed’ to fit in the tiny and tight culture of the area where he grew up. Who are the ‘programmers’? There are many. Programming starts at home by one’s own parents and their own limitations. Then it follows at his religious institution where they start brainwashing his brains with ideas not even theirs and finally at school he gets the biggest punch, especially for those attending religious institutions.

So, are you open-minded? Can you digest ideas not to your liking and comment on them objectively? Do you have the manners and a good language base to enter in this world that is not yours? Are you ready to unlearn everything fed to you without your permission and start learning anew from your own beliefs? If so, then welcome again. This site is just for you. It is for those like you who are free, or for those who want to become free.

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