Cause: “Gestures from the Heart”

Gestures From the Heart

In my region, there are over 200 abandoned elders (above the age of 65) that we know of. These elders live way below the line of poverty. For one, they are too old to work. for two, they are either abandoned by their families or have none. To make things worse, these elders have no social security plan nor a government to offer them one or protect them.

Gestures from the Heart” is an non-governmental organization that is today trying to take care of these people and provide them with a decent life and hope. Some of its projects include but are not limited to:

1. The periodic distribution of food packs

2. Weekly lunch for 40 elders. The limited amount of persons for the lunch is due to the area of the local rented and which can hold only 40 persons.

3. Distribution of cloth, blankets, non-food items, …

In order to extend it support for these projects, “Gestures from the Heart” requires donations not to count all kind of help.

In order to provide your donation, kindly join “Gestures from the Heart” website or their group or page on Facebook.

Every gesture counts.

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